Vitabalans is a family owned Finnish pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets prescription and OTC (over the counter) medicines, food supplements, medical devices. Vitabalans products are exported to several countries and we have our own sales organization in 14 European countries. All pharmaceutical facilities and production as well as research and product development, registration and headquarters are located in Hämeenlinna, 100 km north from Helsinki.

Vitabalans production plants allow the manufacturing of medicines, food supplements and probiotic products. Our competence and production facilities cover not only manufacturing tablets but also enable manufacturing of powders, creams and solutions.

Vitabalans Wide range of most commonly used pharmaceuticals

Vitabalans range covers most commonly used prescription and OTC medicines. Our strengths are in the development, registration and manufacture of medicines for pain, allergy, cardiovascular disease and insomnia.

In addition to medicines, Vitabalans offer a wide range of food supplements to support healthy lifestyle. Vitabalans self-care products form a wide range of supplements developed to support well-being, from which the consumer can pick the most suitable options for themselves.

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