Our Story, Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Story

Who is Fitaminat? In short, we are a company devoted to health and happiness. The more detailed answer is that we're a 100% authentic online vitamin and supplement store with an ever-expanding portfolio of 100s of high-quality products, each hand-picked to help you live your best life. Whether you’re a career woman, stay-at-home-mom, health nut, gym enthusiast or average Joe, we’ve got a product to meet your needs! Our range of premium vitamins, supplements, hair-and-beauty as well as baby products can be found on the shelves of 1000 retailers across the UAE or conveniently shipped straight to your door.From our humble beginnings in a Dubai medical company, we have skyrocketed to success by becoming one of the fastest-growing online health and wellness stores in the UAE - and we’re not done growing yet. Despite our meteoric rise to the top, we haven’t forgotten the values that inspired our creation: a dedication to providing the people of the UAE with the greatest collection of authentic and high-quality health supplements available. We are committed to this idea because we believe that it should be easy and convenient for everyone to pursue their healthiest lifestyle and thrive every day. When you’re glowing with health from the inside out, we know we’ve achieved our goal!Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t just stock our warehouse with any product we can find. Our roots in the pharmaceutical distribution industry have taught us a thing or two about vitamins and supplements, which means that we are very choosy about our stock. If our in-house team of health experts wouldn’t use it themselves, we won’t put it on our shelves! In addition to our stringent selection process, we also ensure that each product is manufactured according to the highest quality standards and transported to the UAE under careful conditions - meaning temperature controlled warehouses and vehicles all the way. It’s our way of ensuring that you receive your products in perfect condition for maximum efficacy.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to bring the best vitamins, health and beauty supplements and baby care essentials to your doorstep and the shelves of your local store. We do this because we believe that our customers across the UAE deserve the best in health and beauty products, which is exactly what we aim to deliver at affordable prices.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a future where Fitaminat is recognized and trusted as a health and beauty brand that delivers on its promises while connecting health-conscious consumers to the vitamins and supplements they need to live happy and healthy lives.

Our Values


More than a buzzword to us, quality is our promise and the reason why our customers can place their trust in us and the products we supply.


We aim to make it as easy as possible for everyone to choose their healthiest life. Convenience is our way of simplifying our customers’ choices and making a healthy lifestyle an attainable goal.


We earn our customers’ trust by only supplying products that meet our high standards. We stick to our word and we never promise what we can’t deliver.