Vitamin D Supplement

What is Vitamin D Supplement and Why is It so Important for Health?

Vitamin D Supplement is a fat soluble nutrient that helps with absorbing calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus – all essential for healthy bones and teeth. Did you know that vitamin D deficiencies are very common these days? It’s even prevalent in sunny locales like Florida, believe it or not! That’s because many of us spend our working hours tucked away indoors, then we go home to complete chores and hobbies around the house – once again, often inside. Our skin is actually capable of creating vitamin D from exposure to the sun – that’s why some people call Vitamin D Supplement the “Sunshine Vitamin”. Many sources say that even just 15 minutes daily of sun exposure is enough to maintain healthy vitamin D levels. However, while soaking up the sun is a great way to get vitamin D, chances are you can’t make time every day to bask in the rays. If you spend lots of time indoors or don't eat foods that contain much vitamin D – true for many vegans and the lactose intolerant – getting the proper dose of this nutrient can be difficult. Supplements are an easy and effective way to boost your vitamin D levels for optimal health and well-being.


Get the Dosage and the Vitamin D Supplement Delivery Method You Prefer

Vitamin D is crucial for growing bones and developing small bodies… so, entice your kids into taking their important Vitamin D Supplement with gummies in flavors like berry or orange. You’ll also find plenty of options for yourself, from softgels or liquid drops to capsules or tablets that are easy to add to your existing supplement regimen. You can get dosages of 5000 IU of Vitamin D3 from some supplements, which is more than the RDA for an adult who doesn’t receive any sunlight on their skin at all. But we also have dosages as high as 10,000 IU for a powerful bone-strengthening effect or urgent vitamin D deficiency support, as well as more modest 1,000 IU and 2,000 IU formulas for everyday supplementation. If you make a practice of avoiding animal-based food or vitamins, be sure to note the difference between the different forms of Vitamin D Supplement available. Products containing vitamin D in the form of cholecalciferol will often be sourced from the lanolin of sheep’s wool, but may also be plant-sourced from lichen by a company called Vitashine. Vitamin D in the form of ergocalciferol ( also known as D2 or calciferol) is derived from yeast.


The Urgent Need for Vitamin D Supplement

Many people have a Vitamin D deficiency which is why Vitamin D Supplement is so important to support immunity, brain and bone health. With low levels of vitamin D, you might feel sluggish, tired, and weak. Not having enough vitamin D in your system may even contribute to hair loss and depression! Luckily, it’s fairly easy to increase your levels. Your physician will be able to test your exact levels and put you on a safe and effective plan. It’s good to know, however, that 4000 IU per day is generally believed to be a safe level for most people, and doses up to 10,000 IU have not been found to be toxic. Vitamin D Supplement does a lot of work in the body, from promoting bone growth to reducing inflammation and modulating cell growth. It's also essential in helping the body properly absorb calcium, which plays a huge role in bone health. Vitamin D deficiencies sometimes manifest when a person develops rickets or osteomalacia, the softening and weakening of the bones. Exclusively breastfed infants may need vitamin D supplements – always get your pediatrician's OK – whereas most baby formulas come fortified with vitamin D.
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