Adler Topics

Care and nourishment with highly diluted minerals – Adler Topics care products from Adler Pharma provide modern mineral compound care from head to toe. The highly diluted minerals provide care of the highest quality and the products are free of additives such as parabens, paraffin, or Vaseline.

The Adler Topics are applied and rubbed in, one directly after the other, until the tissue is saturated with the minerals and the skin no longer absorbs the cream readily.

Production & quality of our Adler Topics

Our Adler Topics are produced, packaged, and labeled in dedicated clean rooms, as always at our parent company in Zell am See. Outstanding Austrian quality is therefore guaranteed.

Adler Topics contain highly diluted minerals. The minerals are diluted in several steps to a concentration corresponding to the Schuessler salts. When necessary, the combinations are modified according to the latest insights.

Adler Topics contain as much as necessary, and above all the minimum amount of preservatives. They are also particularly well suited for sensitive skin.

Most personal care products are unscented. Some contain all-natural cosmetics fragrances.

In-house production according to GMP

All mineral ointments, cream gels, and all Adler Topics products are produced in dedicated clean rooms according to GMP guidelines.

Raw materials

We work exclusively according to our own formulations, with mostly ECO-certified, biological raw materials


The many vegan personal care products are identified by a green leaf

Dermatologically tested

Very skin-friendly, even on sensitive skin

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