Vital Vitamins and Mineral this Winter

Winter is here! And as excited as we all get about winters, there are a few things we need to be particular about in order to make sure that we fly by them without falling sick. I have a list, a winter list. Basically, an essential go-to list that helps me get prepared for the winters and manage the nip in the air

  • Cover up and stay warm
  • Turn off the blue ‘cold’ switch on the water dispenser and turn on the ‘red’ hot one.
  • Make sure to keep our surroundings warm, home and car to start with.
  • Supplement diet with the perfect combination of food and vitamins

I meet a lot of people who tell me ‘Why do I need to supplement my diet with anything' I’ve been perfect all these years without them?’ What we consider as ‘normal’ in our day-to-day lives as far as our supplements and diet are concerned, may actually not be sufficient to prepare ourselves for the big chill.

According to the CDC, Adults have an average of 2-3 colds per year, and children have even more. Therefore we are at a definite risk of catching the bug during winter. The common cold, true to its name, is quite common, and here are a few symptoms which we all have experienced

  • Runny or stuffy nose 
  • Sore throat
  • Cough 
  • Congestion
  • Slight body aches or a mild headache 
  • Sneezing 
  • Low-grade fever infections
  • Generally feeling unwell

So, what vitamins and minerals can provide a remedy to the symptoms of cold and help us gear up this winter? As a Nutritionist, I have done extensive research and put forth my recommendations of these minerals and vitamins that may help you pull happily through the chill thrills.

Omega 3 - Keeps the life engines smooth

There are a plethora of benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids, it is beneficial for the heart, brain, and eye health. Since it supports the essential organs to function properly in our bodies, several problems arise if there are deficiencies in omega 3 like fatigue, dry skin, depression, and lethargy. Though these symptoms can appear any time of the year if a person is deficient, however, during the winters these symptoms worsen.

Omega 3 is known to resolve common cold symptoms, including elevating the general feeling of wellbeing during:

  • Sore throat or viral throat infection
  • Nose infection or sinus infection

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Vitamin D - Strong foundations support the most steady health

We have established the fact that we are more susceptible to infections during winters, one of the main reasons is reduced sunlight as well as reduced exposure to sunlight. Since clouds set in, along with days getting shorter, we tend to get a lesser dose of sunshine. Since the cold is a bit pinching, we humans prefer staying indoors to avoid the nip in the air. Adults need at least 600 IU of Vitamin D in a day in addition to eating high vitamin D food, especially during the winter months.

Vitamin D contributes to resolving the following symptoms of common cold:

  • Slight body aches or a mild headache
  • The frequency of sneezing

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Vitamin C - All hail to the power of ‘C’!

It’s no secret, especially after the pandemic, that we have realized the importance of vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes largely to the normal functions of the immune system, therefore we have formed a circle of trust around this ‘C’. Vitamin C during the winters not only helps the immune system but also helps in the prevention of skin dryness as well.

Vitamin C is considered the powerhouse Vitamin when used to prevent or remedy the symptoms of the common cold and here are the symptoms it may significantly reduce:

  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Cough
  • Chest congestion
  • Sneezing

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Zinc - ‘Zap it’ with Zinc

Research has shown, if taken within 24 hours of the first sign, Zinc can reduce the duration of a cold. The best form to take Zinc is oral as it is more effective. Zinc, like Vitamin C, helps support immunity and we all need that extra boost especially during the winters. 

Zinc is known to resolve common cold symptoms including:

  • Sore throat (Especially if taken in its lozenges form - like cough tablets)
  • Sneezing

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Vitamin B1 to 12

Apart from keeping our immunity in check during winters. Many men and women suffer from dry lips, dry skin, and even dry and frizzy hair. This range of B vitamins right from B1 to B12 is essential in many vital functions of the body contributing to holistic health during the winters. Vitamin B6 keeps the skin smooth, while Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) keeps the lips from drying and cracking. Also, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) is good for soothing down flaky skin. In short addition of B -Complex may support the overall mental and physical wellbeing during winters and otherwise as well.

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Wise at the end

I always recommend meeting a physician before you start any supplements because it’s always better to be safe than sorry and always remember that prevention is better than cure. Keep a check on your levels and be responsive to the body’s needs and signs. The health shift is quite remarkable and noticeable once appropriate nutrients are met in the body. So this winter equip yourself with the perfect vitamins and minerals and sail through the chills like a pro!