Very Berry SuperBerries - Health Benefits of Berries

It's true when they say that good things come in small packages, that's what I say about berries. Berries are considered one of the healthiest foods that provide a series of health benefits. Whether its acai berry, blueberry, strawberry, goji berry, or elderberry, they are all high in antioxidants and are considered nature's superfoods. 

These small packages of sweetness with big recharge value, are superfoods that have several benefits, here are a few key benefits of these super berries.

Natural High Antioxidants

Owing to lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of physical activity our bodies are subjected to having high free radicals which in the long run create several health-related issues. Studies have shown that antioxidants in berries may help reduces oxidative stress on the body hence making them an integral part of a good and stable healthy lifestyle.

Improves Blood Sugar Levels and Insulin Response

Berries may improve blood sugar levels by improving insulin levels. The Journal of Berry Research mentions in an article that berries are effective in controlling blood sugar due to their anti-diabetic effect.

High in Dietary Fibers

Being a high source of fibers, berries greatly promote a healthy weight management system by adding bulk to the nutritional intake without creating a calorific shift from the daily calorie requirement hence making them the best inclusion for a low calorie, high fiber diet.

Improving Heart Health

Berries are known to have cholesterol-lowering properties, this property makes it a heart-healthy component that we should essentially add to our diets. A press release in Science Daily mentions that eating 150g of blueberries daily reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 15 percent. The research team says that blueberries and other berries should be included in dietary strategies to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, particularly among at-risk groups.

Apart from the above-mentioned pivotal health roles that berries may play in our health maintenance, there are several other benefits like reducing skin aging, improving cognitive functions, and increasing immunity are a few benefits that are essential for a holistic healthy lifestyle.

FITAMINAT provides a blend of these SuperBerries in a powder that can be mixed and had with smoothies, cereals, yogurt, and even desserts. Stay tuned to our blogs for more interesting articles and recipes.