Using Manuka Honey for the Cold & Flu Season in the UAE

Manuka honey has a spectrum of benefits, apart from the ones there are in honey in general. For centuries people use honey to naturally treat their colds and flu. Here is how Manuka Honey gives an edge to your natural remedies, especially during the winter.

When it comes to the winter months well-being becomes a priority due to the high rates of infections and illnesses. In short, during the winters there is a  decrease in the humidity and more time spent in close proximity to others means viruses during the winters. Apart from this, the weather and short days can have a huge impact on our energy levels as well.

The saying ‘look after yourself from the inside out couldn’t be truer, especially in the winter months and being proactive with your well-being is always better than reactive measures. ‘

Here are a few ways to boost immunity this winter.

Sleep Well

    You can take all the immunity-boosting products in the world but it will only be much use with enough sleep. Did you know, unlike humans, Bees work and sleep to the beat of their own drums? They work and sleep at different times with no apparent 24-hour pattern or schedule. This means their hives are busy all the time with bees working throughout the day.

    But for us, humans' sleep and immunity have a direct relationship. Studies indicate that lack of sleep both short and long-term can affect one's immunity. Sleeping allows the body to focus its energy on other things like your immunity, getting enough sleep helps the body fight infections and promotes rejuvenation.

    So don’t underestimate the great healing and immunity-boosting effects of full night sleep and here is where manuka comes to help. Manuka honey if consumed before bedtime helps the body release melatonin into the brain which promotes deep sleep and reduces the risk of more serious sleep-related health issues.

    Cough Remedy with Manuka 

      There are so many ways in which we can boost our immunity and make the body capable enough to fight viruses such as the common cold. But, sometimes falling unwell just happens, even after all the precautions, we make to look after ourselves.

      If you find yourself coughing or having a cold or even getting diagnosed with an upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) then we do have a natural treatment that may be able to help!

      A recent 2020 Study by Oxford researchers recommends honey, specifically Manuka as a genuine treatment for colds, coughs, and URTI. So if you feel that you have an itchy, tickly throat, help ease it with soothing manuka honey.

      Balanced Meals are a must

        Sometimes when it’s cold outside we feel or crave hot deep fried foods to warm up the soul. But this is only well and good in moderation to support immunity during the winter season. There are many ways to get delicious but nutritious meals into the day this winter. Homemade clear soups are one of our top picks because you can make them with the advantage of a pack full of vegetables, chicken broth, and more.

        Eating immunity-boosting vegetables such as red bell peppers, broccoli, garlic, ginger, spinach, and turmeric helps boost immunity, they also give sustainable energy, and when the weather is grey we can use all the extra energy we can get!

        Get Working and Get Outside - 

          Did you know that active people are less likely to get the flu? Evidently, physical activity helps flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways which may reduce your chances of getting a cold or flu this season.  Getting regular exercise doesn’t just keep you fit and active, it also suppresses inflammatory stress hormones and stimulates the release of infection-fighting white blood cells. The benefits of getting outdoors are limitless, so wear your walking shoes and get outdoors for a nice cardiovascular workout to work your immunity up.

          Manuka Honey Winter Immunity Booster

          Manuka honey has several health benefits UMF Manuka honey, here are a few benefits that you can feel after using Menuka honey on a daily basis.

          • Manuka honey supports digestive and guts health
          • Boosts natural energy from within
          • Boost and supports immunity  

          Wildcape Manuka honey comes in 5 different variants namely MGO 115+, UMF 8+, UMF 10+, UMP 15+, and UMF 20+. It is recommended to use a higher UMF grade such as UMF 15+ or UMF 20+ to see greater benefits.