Instant Hair Fix with Hair Fibers - Tips for Using Hair Fibers, Side Effects, and Usage of Hair Fibers

When it comes to camouflaging hair loss, hair fibers are very effective. Most hair fibers are made of the same protein as hair, namely keratin. Hair fibers adhere to the existing hair hence making it look fuller hiding scanty hair and bald spots and making them look naturally thick. Due to their nature to conceal and camouflage, they are often called hair camouflage or hair concealer.

Hair fibers are a savior for people with thinning hair as they can improve the overall appearance of hair as well as boost self-confidence. Here are a few tips that will help in getting the most of your hair fiber

Tip #1 Apply hair fiber to dry hair

Hair Fiber Thick Hair Thin Hair Hair Growth

Hair fiber only binds itself to dry hair, and either slips off or absorbs the water and becomes lumpy. In the case of places where the gel is used to hold the hair together, it's good to first apply the gel and then let it dry as well completely before applying the hair fiber.

A fixing spray is usually recommended after using the hair spray, however, Boldify Hair Fibers are advanced clump-proof hair fibers that bind to hair naturally mimicking hair follicles for seamless blending and thicker appearance.

Tip #2 Picking the right colour

Hair Fiber Hair Colour

Boldify Hair Fibers is available in 4 shades here in the UAE. In order to match hair colour, two shades may be mixed as well. Match the colour perfectly to the hair to get the best results.

Tip #3 Apply the right amount of Hair Fiber

Apply Hair Fiber for Thick Hair

Make sure not to over-apply the hair fibers as they may start looking very unnatural and artificial. It takes a little bit of patience and practice to get the right amount onto the scalp and it also depends on the hair condition as well as the colour. 

It's advisable to apply the hair fibers slowly and in phases. Shake the bottle a little and then apply it over the desired area in two strokes then reset and then re-apply until the desired results are achieved.

Tip #4 Avoid water and moisture

Keep Hair Fiber Away from Moisture and Water

Just like any other hair product, water will rinse the fibers off. Hence, if you are going to the beach or taking a dip in the pool, avoid using fibers on these days. It's also a good idea to remove the fibers by either wiping them off before a strenuous workout.

After learning a few tips on how to use hair fibers, let's see if these hair fibers have any side effects.

Are there any Side Effects of Hair Fiber?

Some people may have sensitivity issues with keratin-based hair fibers to the chemical which is added in order to make it hold longer. However, a sensitivity test beforehand will help identify the issue. Sensitivity may be identified with itching, burning, hives, and redness. It is recommended to immediately discontinue products if they cause any of the above symptoms.

Boldify Hair Fibers are gentle and irritant-free and made of 3 natural ingredients namely cotton, iron oxides, and salt. Boldify Hair Fibers are plant-based safe, and free from common allergens and irritants. Boldify responsible and sustainable sources only the purest ingredients for all its products making them superior and yet affordable.  It works far much better than the overpriced keratin fibers.

One of the most common questions that come up when discussing the side effects of the hair fiber is if it in fact affects hair treatments or hair growth. The more natural ingredients present the better it is like Boldify Hair Fibers and Boldify Hairline Powder. The Fibers are non-reactive and do not affect hair treatments. Similarly due to its natural ingredients present it does not affect hair growth in any way.

Finally, after weighing the pros and cons of Hair Fibers, be watchful for any major symptoms which are quite rare. In general, it is safer than a surgical procedure or even medications and it works instantly giving instant results! 

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