An apple a day- Embrace five every way

An apple a day- Embrace five every way

Hello readers,

Welcome back, and “well done” to you on successfully starting your journey to mindful eating habits. 

In the last few interactions, we tantalized all our 5 senses and re-trained them to get onto healthy ways. 

“Five” is such a vital number. 

Nature is made up of five elements. 

A star has 5 points or corners 

Religions like Islam have 5 pillars to their faith, and Sikhism follows “5-K” sacred symbols. 

The Olympic symbol has five rings. 

When you meet someone on a friendly note, you share a "high-five.”

The recall of this number is easy, as we have five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot.

Having said that, I have a family of five siblings, and both my parents’ families were five siblings each.

Do you see the uniformity (chuckle)?

To think of it, a balanced diet would also mean the inclusion of the five essential food groups. 

Now, what exactly is a food group?

Ans: It is a collection of a variety of foods that share similar nutritional properties.

And what’s the classification like?


Fruits and vegetables: 

Fruits provide vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants that promotes a strong immune system and overall health. Vegetables contain similar richness of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Not to forget, they add enormous amounts of colors and texture to our plate. A huge chunk of fiber, for easy digestion and gut health, comes from this food group. Fancily include them as a glass of smoothie on-the-go or a hearty salad along your mains.


Whole grains like wheat, rice, cereals, millets providing complex carbohydrates, fiber, and essential nutrients like Vitamin B complex, iron, magnesium, and selenium. They are the foundation of a well-rounded and energy-filled diet. Since the digestion of complex carbs takes a bit longer, it helps you keep fuller for longer. Including a wide range of whole grains in daily diet, makes your meals more interesting. Make them part of daily main meals.

Meat, eggs, fishes, and legumes: 

This group of protein-rich food is essential for building and repairing tissues and maintaining a healthy immune system. High recommendation to lean meats in grill or baked form.  For non-meat eater, like myself, beans, legumes and lentils remain major sources.

Dairy and non-dairy products

Dairy products or plant based fortified alternatives- whatever may be your choice, I can’t emphasize enough on their role in supporting bone health through supply of calcium and vitamin D. Southern Asia has always blessed with ample of sunlight, but sadly we surely have huge population suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. Ladies especially need to be very watchful, as we prepare for good bone health post-menopause.

Nuts and oils:

Fats are essential for thermo-regulation, protection of vital organs, cell growth, absorption of Fat-soluble nutrients and keep cholesterol and blood pressure under control. Essential fatty acids are obtained from healthy unsaturated fats. Nuts and vegetable oils like olive oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower, safflower and soybean oil and fishes with a balance MUFAs/ PUFAs are important to incorporate.

A good habit building exercise that I would like to propose is to start reading food labels. Being sensible with portions and proportions is equally crucial for balance diet.

Between work, family, chores and other obligations, life feels like a side hustle. Many of us struggle to think about and plan our next meal. And before we realize it, this goes on to become a daily habit. We start munching on mindless comfort food items or stick to easy choices. So, if we want to simplify that, just look at your 5 fingers.

High five to that thought, until next time.

About the blogger:  

Dr. Tabassum Inamdar is a dynamic Homeopath, a passionate artist, and an adventurer in life. From Medical corporate to Academics, she has balanced her left brain and right brain with equal passion for Art. She writes a series of blogs “An apple a day- your journey to a healthy way” in collaboration with @Fitaminat. A sketch artist since childhood, she is enchanted by theatre and writing. She is a regular theatre performer in Dubai. She continues life’s adventure by trekking, Sky diving, or Marshalling at Formula 1 tracks. You may stalk her @doctabu (IG) or say hello @tabu.inamdar (FB)