It is that exciting time of the year when people are preparing for prayers, charity, and feasts, Yes! It's RAMADAN TIME! While every household prepares for Ramadan in their own way, at FITAMINAT we keep your health in priority and we make sure that you are prepared for any season and all occasions including Ramadan. It's important to make sure that your well-being is in check especially as Ramadan falls during the transitional month of April when the weather is unpredictable but usually hot.

Here are 6 supplements you need to stack up to ensure that your well-being is in place and maintained while you fast during the holy month.

Bioglan Vitamin C + Zinc Effervescent

During the transitional month of April when the mercury lines are unstably moving up and down, Immunity is the first to take a hit. Bioglan Vitamin C + Zinc ensures that your immunity is in check and gives the much-required energy boost after Iftaar.

Dr. Tobias Apple Cider Vinegar

We all love to feast during Ramadan once in a while if not every day, this might affect the digestive system and even put a load on the waistline. The Dr. Tobias Apple Cider Vinegar is a personal favourite of all the beauty enthusiasts out there for the main reason of its effectiveness in supporting the digestive system as well as aiding in weight management. Considered a superfood, it is packed in antioxidants and will give you an energy boost as well. The best time to have this is at Suhoor and right before going to bed at night.

Bioglan Beauty Collagen Tablets

Fasting during Ramadan creates a shift, be it eating or waking up or even functioning like on normal days, it generally creates a shift. This shift usually may affect your skin and hair health mostly due to the body's adjustment to the new routine. The Bioglan Collagen Tablets ensure that your skin health and hair health is well looked after even as your body makes the adjustment. This form of collagen (Marine) is the most bioavailable of all types of collagen hence making it the most effective.

Vitabalans DMax 4000 IU

We all love to get our dose of sunshine, but in the UAE with the work schedules, and now, especially during Ramadan, it's difficult to get your dose of daily sunlight. Vitamin D3 not only supports your immunity but also maintains bone and muscle health. It is essential to add this supplement to the daily supplements list for women especially, therefore during Ramadan it becomes even more important to have your dose of DMax.

 Dr. Tobias Prebiotics

Digestive issues like bloating and gastritis is a usual complaints during Ramadan. This may be due to the different eating schedules or eating heavy and oily food as well. No matter what your digestive complaints are, Dr. Tobias Prebiotics will take care of your digestive system and prevent any issues related to the tummy ensuring healthy gut health through Ramadan. 

Vitabalans BMax

The list of essential supplements takes a full circle with Vitabalans BMax. This B-Complex Vitamin will ensure that all aspects of your physical and mental health are maintained throughout Ramadan.

Always consult a physician before adding a supplement to your diet. With this note, we at FITAMINAT would like to wish everyone a blessed month.

Ramadan Kareem!