4 Herbal and Nutritional Supplements for Anxiety, and Mental Health

Mental Health issues like anxiety and depression exist all around the world and in the UAE as well. According to the Institute of Health Metrics Evaluation of the Global Disease Burden, 1990-2017, about 4.27 percent of the population suffers from anxiety and 2.88 percent suffer from depression in the UAE. Needless to say, Mental Health is important and needs to be addressed at the right time with the right resources. 

Treatment usually involves psychological therapies and medications, however, research suggests that dietary pattern modification and supplements may also be helpful in coping with anxiety disorders.

Here is a list of 4 herbal and nutritional supplements that have been picked on the basis of their Backed up research, Efficacy, Brand, and Quality. 

  1. Valerian - A study conducted in 2002 on 36 people showed that 50mg of valerian root extract given three times a day for four weeks reduced one measure of anxiety as compared to the placebo. Valerian is generally considered safe but should only be taken as directed by the physician with regular follow-ups on dosages.  Calmvalera, a natural homeopathic solution made of 9 natural ingredients consisting of valerian, is safe for use to reduce anxiety.
  2. Magnesium - Magnesium plays an important role in the body's stress response. Research suggests that magnesium supplements are well tolerated and safe for people with depression and may help to a great extent. Bioglan Active Magnesium is manufactured in the UK with GMP certification supplying 375mg of Magnesium for optimally meeting the requirements to support anxiety and depression management.
  3. Vitamin D - Vitamin D deficiency is particularly common in people with mental health issues like anxiety disorders a study shows. A High Dose of Vitamin D may be effective in reducing the severity of anxiety symptoms including GAD research suggests. Vitabalans DMax 4000 IU is a Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, and Sugar-Free chewable tablet made in Finland supplying with High Dose Vitamin D.
  4. Curcumin - It is a polyphenol compound found in turmeric that has powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and may have antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties as well. A study shows that curcumin had great improvements in anxiety symptoms than those who took a placebo. Bioglan Active Curcumin, made in the UK provides 12,640 mg of Curcumin.

Anxiety is a condition that needs to be addressed in order to improve the quality of life. Fortunately, anxiety disorders can be managed well through therapy, medication, dietary change, and supplements as well. If you an interested in trying a supplement from the above list make sure to consult a healthcare professional to ensure that these supplements are safe and fit your specific needs.